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OurMission at PEST REPUBLIC is to become the number one go-to resource for anything pest related. We want to be the only online resource that is genuinely dedicated to the education of our readers. Our aim is to inform you about all aspects of household pest control. So you can remain calm and in control no matter what infestation you have.

We are a group of devoted pest hunters. Anyone who contributes to this website has spent a large proportion of their lives either hunting pests or being in some way fascinated by all varieties of nuisance insect species.

A countless number of hours have been burnt researching and perfecting methods of pest control and if required extermination. We now want to share this wealth of knowledge, understanding, and just generally all round smart insights with as many people who need the information as possible. Having first-hand experience with dealing with the very worst of pest infestations both personally and commercially we have a lot of empathy for any unfortunate people who are being affected by a debilitating pest infestation. We promise to help as much as possible by arming you with years of accumulated expertise from many past experiences.


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