Monday, July 13, 2020
How To Get Rid Of Moth Larvae?

How To Get Rid Of Moth Larvae?

How To Get Rid Of Moth Larvae? Once you realise you have a moth larvae infestation you need to act quickly to minimise the damage. Wash clothing and dry in sunlight to kill larvae and...
does cedar repel moths

Does Cedar Repel Moths?

Does Cedar Repel Moths? Here at Pest Republic we have years of combined experience dealing with nuisance pest issues. Both domestically in your home, as well as commercially in your business. We know that knowledge...
Do moths eat clothes?

Do Moths Eat Clothes?

Do Moths Eat Clothes? The answer is in fact, no, moths do not eat clothes. It is not the moths that eat your clothes, rather it is their larvae or their caterpillars that eat...
Do Moths Hibernate

Do Moths Hibernate?

Do Moths Hibernate? Do moths hibernate? Yes, moths have several strategies to survive the cold winter. Some species lay their eggs in late summer or fall, which don’t hatch until the following spring when food...
Do Moth Balls Kill Moths

Do Moth Balls Kill Moths?

Do moth balls kill moths? Do moth balls kill moths? It is probably of no surprise that the answer is in fact Yes, moth balls do kill moths. Anti-moth balls contain pesticides that are intended...
Do Moths Eat Cotton

Do Moths Eat Cotton?

Do moths eat cotton? Unfortunately, this is not really a simple yes or no answer. Moths only eat fabrics that are made from or contain keratin. Naturally, cotton is a plant-based protein and as...
What Attracts Moths In The House

What Attracts Moths In The House?

What attracts moths in the house? If you have ever seen a moth inside the house, you might wonder where it has come from or what attracts moths in the house.  It’s common to notice moths...
Do Moths Bite

Do Moths Bite?

If you have ever seen a moth, you might wonder if it can bite you. whether you think they are nice, horrible or you’re just indifferent to moths the majority of moths aren’t harmful...
where do pantry moths come from

Where Do Pantry Moths Come From?

When looking for items in your pantry, have you ever noticed webbing around the corners or sides of your food packets, or weird lumps in your flour, rice or pasta? If you have, chances...
how long do moths live

How Long Do Moths Live?

How long do moths live? How long moths will live varies by species and when their eggs are laid. The common brown house moth’s life cycle on average takes 11-13 months depending on conditions but...

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