How To Get Rid of Moths In Carpets?

A very common thing that households face when dealing with carpeting is carpet moths. The question that usually comes up is: “How to get rid of moths in carpets?” Well luckily for you, we have all the answers you need.

The carpet moth is very similar to clothing moths, which are particularly more common in the household. They could be found literally anywhere around the world. Therefore, it is very possible that the areas in your home that have a carpet may be infiltrated by these little critters, and you must always keep an eye out for any indications that they may be present in your home.

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Though they’re called carpet moths, it is very important to remember that carpet moths could attack much more than just carpets if they are able to find new areas. Some of the most common areas outside of carpets include clothes, furs, furniture, and animal skins.

The compilation we have provided below is a list of techniques that you could use to eliminate these carpet moths from your home once and for all. These tips will make it easier for you to return your home and carpet back to its former glory.

How To Identify Moths In Carpets?

The initial step in making your carpet “moth-free” is to first identify what the root of the problem actually is. By definition, these moths are usually greater than 13 millimeters, and less than 19 millimeters in length. There are also very common markings on each of them that will help you to identify if they are in fact carpet moths.


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There are four life cycles that a carpet moth will go through within one year. They are known to leave their silk cocoons around the home throughout these cycles. The main issues that arise in the process of carpet damage come when the moths are in the larvae stage. This is when they are feeding and preparing for pupation. The dye in what they’re eating helps the larvae change color, blending into the same tone as your carpet. This makes them even harder to detect by the naked human eye.

Another common sign of a carpet moth infestation is balding patches on the edge and corner of a specific carpet. This is a big indicator of a moth swarm, and you should never ignore this once you have spotted it. It is also fairly common to see the actual larvae in certain places of the carpet as well.


Eradicating Carpet Moths!

So how to get rid of moths in carpets? There are many steps that homeowners could take to eliminate carpet moths from their home. Some of these common steps include a good vacuum and a thorough shampoo of the carpet. This substantially reduces the number of moth eggs and larvae. However, the best way to fully eliminate these critters from your house is to get in touch with a professional service that provides moth infestation removal.

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It must be remembered that there are very short life cycles associated with moths. They create eggs and these eggs will hatch in a very quick manner. The four stages of the cycle include eggs, larva, cocoon, and adult. Therefore, there could be a presence of all of these at any given time. This means that to eradicate them with just one type of removal process will be unlikely to remove them all completely. The greatest vacuum in the world could not and will not remove all the eggs. Therefore, your home is risking a re-infestation of these critters. It must also be remembered that if you do spot carpet moths at any form of the life cycle stages, calling a professional service provider is hands down the best option. It is the only way to ensure the elimination of these moths completely, and this will without a doubt save you more money and hassle in the long term.

Restoring Carpet Moth Damage

Once a professional has treated your home, and there are no more carpet moths around, you can begin to restore your carpet back to life. There are a few different products that you can buy to help you with this.


High-powered vacuum cleaners are the most effective way to vacuum. Normal ones just won’t do. You must also make sure that any clogs in the vacuum are fully cleared before use, and that the cartridges or bags are not full. This must be done not only before you begin, but also throughout the process as well.

You should start by extensively vacuuming any area that has a carpet, rug, fur, animal skin, furniture, or any other crack or crevice. This removes most of the dead larvae and moths that could have dropped on the floors throughout your cleaning process, and possibly before.

It is important to make sure that you pay special attention to any corner and crevice, and vacuum below any furniture, rug, bed, or standalone items. It would also be a good idea during this step to check if the carpet has become undone in any corners or edges. If they have become stuck, you should vacuum under them as much as you possibly can. This is the perfect place for debris to gather up in large amounts. You should be thoroughly satisfied at this stage before finally moving onto the next stage.

It is also important to remove the contents of the vacuum cleaner as soon as you are done. It now contains biological material that you would want to remove as fast as you can. You have essentially filled a bag with unhatched moth eggs and a load of their favourite foods.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

Another thing that really does the trick, it works wonders for just about everything. This step will save you tons of money and refresh your carpets in the process. This step involves introducing a concoction of baking soda and white vinegar. Baking soda can easily be purchased at any supermarket or store near the baking products. This method will refresh your carpet, and will also have other benefits such as taking out various dirt stains or discolorations from your carpet in the process.

Start by scattering a great deal of baking soda over the entire carpet, and then use a brush to allow the material to fall deeper into the carpet. Baking soda also has natural ingredients that act as a cleanser and removes bacteria. Thus, you will be removing the carpet moth eggs and larvae as well as the dirt, not only this but it also prevents bad smells from arising in the process. Once you have applied the baking soda and white vinegar to the carpet, you should leave it in there all night. Don’t forget to vacuum it all up the next day.

You could also beef up this moth killing process by creating a mixture in a spray bottle, by combining an even amount of white vinegar and water. You then should spray this over the areas with baking soda powder. There will be a fizz when you do this, but this is just the effects of baking soda mixing with the vinegar. It means that it’s working. This is, in fact, part of the process, and is completely natural and safe. You should also raise the pile of the carpet with the stiff brush and let it dry. The smell of vinegar should not bother you too much, it will fade quickly. Just leave the windows open and let the area cool down after a few hours.

This process described above will give you vibrant, freshly fluffed carpets that are also fully free from any moth infestations. Your carpets will be envied by your guests or anyone else who enters your home.

Wet Cloth & Ironing

The wet cloth and ironing step must be used in combination with one or more of the steps above for the best results. The vacuuming method appears to be the best thing to add to this particular removal process. This method alone will not remove any of the dead eggs and larvae left in the carpet. And what if you don’t manage to kill them all. You will soon be repeating the process all over again.

To prepare, you would need a large bucket of water to take with you to the carpet, this will prevent multiple trips to the sink for a refill. Soak a cloth in water, and lay it over the carpet areas that you are interested in removing the carpet moths from. Next, take an iron which has already been preheated, and place on the wet cloth. After a few seconds, you will see a rising of vapor. This makes the carpet fibers stand up straighter and will give it a fresh, fluffed and full look. It also burns the shit out of those sick moth larvae and any unhatched eggs.

You should make sure the iron does not touch the carpet directly. Such intense heat will likely cause damage to your carpet, even if only exposed for a moment. You may get dark burn stains on your carpet from this. That’s it. It’s a very easy process for removing carpet moths.

Professional Carpet Steaming

If you can afford to do so, it would be a great idea to contact your local carpet cleaning service provider and have your carpets cleaned by them. Not only will this help to bring your carpets back to life, but it will also help to keep them safe for many years to come. Steam cleaning could be used on furniture as well, and it is certainly best to be done on a regular basis.

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Finally, now that your carpets should be looking as good as new, as you now know how to get rid of moths in carpets. Your next step is to maintain them for the future and to prevent carpet moths from coming back and damaging the place. You should make sure that you have good ventilation throughout your house, airing it daily, get those windows open and get a fan flowing. This ensures that any wool, fur, animal skin, and other types of fabrics that you have in your house are not damaged. Also, it may be a good idea to book regular inspections from local pest control services. This is probably the best way to guarantee your home does not encounter these pesky critters again, or any other pests for that matter.

If you use any or even a combination of the moth protection and carpet restoring techniques for your house mentioned above, it will definitely help to keep all your carpets clean and healthy. But always remember, asking a professional for help is usually the best solution.



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